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OMARSTAR Make- Straightener / Wide Spread Puller.

Straightener hydraulic puller, Wide Spread Hydraulic Puller

Product Description- Capacity : 15 Tons

1. Self-contained Hydraulic Puller, no need for extra hand pump, hose and coupling, allows operating by one person.

2. 360° Rotary handle swivel clevis allows pumping at all directions.

3. Safety valve minimizes the risk of the puller overload by limiting the applied force.

4. Complete hydraulic puller allows effortless generation of force and dismounting.

5. The spring-loaded centre point of the hydraulic spindle allows easy centering the puller on the shaft.

6. Forging parts and special treatment provide long life service and the best strength.

7. This kind of product is widely used in steel mills, wire roll/extruding companies, textile industry, and any straightening situation that portability and power are required.

straightner wide spread puller specification